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i26 contains specific antibodies to help the immune system defend against destructive bacteria in the digestive tract.

When antibodies come into contact with a pathogen, they disable it from attaching to the body and then signal to the immune system to send bigger cells to destroy the invader.

By increasing your body's supply of specific antibodies against 26 different bacterial strains common to humans, i26 helps reduce the presence of harmful pathogens and minimize bacterial competition in your digestive tract.



You see, over 70% of your immune system is actually located in your gut - also known as GALT (gut associated lymphoid tissue), and your body relies on populations of billions of bacteria in your digestive tract - often referred to as probiotics - to digest food, absorb nutrients, convert energy and even release hormones to help regulate bodily functions.

However, if bad bacteria outnumber the good, not only will all of those functions suffer, but your immune system will also send signals to increase inflammation in response to the greater foreign presence, potentially triggering chronic inflammation.

When you take i26, you can protect those healthy microbes from being overrun with harmful pathogens and improve your GALT immune function. By promoting the growth of positive bacterial populations, i26 reduces the underlying stress that can lead to immune overstimulation.

Click Here to learn about the dangers of chronic inflammation.


To learn more about the importance of microbes on your health, follow the link to: How Do Microbial Communities Affect Human Health?

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Cytokines are chemicals released by immune cells to regulate your body's response to infection, inflammation and trauma (1).

Pro-inflammatory cytokines are released when the body needs to fight disease or begin the healing process. However, excess production of these inflammatory agents can lead to chronic inflammation.

Serious conditions like heart disease, arthritis and diabetes, and even cancer have been linked to persistent, widespread inflammation.


Alternatively, your body can release anti-inflammatory cytokines, which serve to reduce inflammation and promote healing once the threat is taken care of (1). However, in order for your immune system to release the appropriate signals, it must have an ample supply of cytokine factors to pull from.



i26 contains proportionate amounts of both inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines to supplement the body's natural response to harmful bacteria without overstimulating the immune system.

In fact, the developers of i26 were even awarded patent protection for the function of these cytokines within this revolutionary supplement. The inflammatory agents are referred to as CAF or Cytokine Activating Factor, (US Patent 6,420,337); and the anti-inflammatory agents are referred to as CIF or Cytokine Inhibitory Factor, (US Patent 7,083,809).

By providing the body with the necessary immune-modulating proteins, i26 improves your body's ability to maintain optimal balance and regulate inflammation.





i26 is not a drug, and it is not intended to cure, treat, or diagnose any disease. Rather, it is a dietary supplement designed to help establish a balanced environment within the gut and maintain optimal immune health.

By promoting a positive balance of good to bad bacteria and supporting a proper immune response, i26 leads to long term health benefits that few, if any, other products can offer.

No matter what unique health challenges are affecting you, a well-functioning immune system will improve your body's ability to overcome it.

Reference: 1. Dinarello CA (August 2000). "Proinflammatory cytokines". Chest 118 (2): 503–8. doi:10.1378/chest.118.2.503. PMID 10936147

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