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New and Improved

My name is Steve Workman, and I ran a company specializing in exterior wood restoration work for years. In 2001 my arthritis pain in my knees and shoulders got so bad and I had to stop working. None of the prescribed arthritis meds or pain pills the doctors gave me had any noticeable effect, and I had also had two bladder cancer operations by that time.

By March 2002 the tumors came back, and I was scheduled for another operation, but this time they said they may have to remove my bladder. I wanted to find a natural product to help with these issues, and I found i26 online and started on it April 1st 2002.  After taking it for 2 weeks I started feeling better, and 6 weeks later, I was back on ladders, roofs , etc. doing my work, and I didn’t have any more pain in my joints. 

At the end of May during my pre-op exam appointment, the doctor said it looked like I had a brand new bladder!  It's been clean ever since. I’ve been taking i26 for 14 years and I’ll never go off of it!

I also had a weakness in my left hand that disappeared since I’ve been on i26, and (unfortunately) I smoke, but I haven’t had a cough or cold in 14 years. i26 has helped me so much and I recommend it to everyone I know!

Steve Workman

Keep Your A-Game At 60

I have been using 2-4 servings of hyperimmune egg for over 10 yrs and find it keeps me at the top of my game, both physically and emotionally. I am in my 60s and unlike so many of my cohorts I take no medication, except for an occasional aspirin. I work harder and more effectively than people half my age; I just have more energy and focus than mothey appear to have. As long as I continue taking hyperimmune egg I find that my hands, knees, and back give me no problems. It's so easy for anyone to take (as long as they do not have a life-threatening allergy to eggs) and based on my responses and others that I know, it can change one's life dramatically.


Iazo (2010)

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Too Good To Be True: Story of a Skeptic

I had been taking a daily regimen of expensive nutritional food replacement products for about eight months when I just couldn't afford to take it any longer. After about a month off the supplements my right foot started to ache so bad I was having trouble walking. So I went to see a foot and ankle doctor. The ex ray showed a mass of arthritis on top of the foot from an old injury. There were no broken fragments or bone spurs, just a mass and all he could say was arthritis. So he sent me home to continue soaking it daily but was still limping pretty bad and having a hard time getting around. While listening to a radio health show (In Short Order with Sue Vogan) I heard about the hyperimmune i26 product and how it helped the immune system with inflammation. That sounded like something that could help so I contacted the company and had a can of the powder sent right away. I was skeptical of course, how could one product change the pain in my foot that was permanently damaged from trauma? Well about 5 days later I started to notice the foot wasn't hurting as much and I wasn't limping or cringing with every step. Within 10 days all the agony and painful symptoms had completely disappeared. I do not understand exactly how it worked but it worked and the pain has not returned. 

I also was having a lot of allergy problems itchy eyes, running nose very annoying stuffiness, and the i26 cleared those symptoms and they have not returned. I have had an overall feeling of energetic enthusiasm that I haven't experienced for a long time, can't explain that either. All I know is this stuff really has made a difference in my life. I am not a distributor of the product so I have no financial benefit for this testimony but would highly recommend it to anyone with a compromised immune system, or pain of any kind. 

My highest regards to Daniel Berry who gave me the knowledge about this wonderful product, you are a delightful caring person, whom I feel very blessed to have met. 

All the best to your success,
Lily Maletta 

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Higher Energy and Healthy Joints

I am 54 years old and my body has experienced loss of joint and muscle flexibility and depleted energy levels. I was fortunate to have been blessed with two great friends that introduced me to i26. I started taking it August 2001 and after taking it for three days, I felt energetic and my joints and muscles were healthier and more flexible. Today I am more active during my days and sleeping better than I have in years, thanks immune26. 

Inez, AL 

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Legs Are Made for Walking

I am so excited about the freedom from pain in my legs!! I have these terrible varicose veins in my legs and this has prevented me from walking any real distance without pain. I remember walking with my grandson, who always loves to go on hikes and I went about three blocks and told him we would have to turn around and go home, because my legs felt like wood and I knew that would start into pain. I was literally crying on my way back and my grandson felt so badly about it. My doctor told me to wear these heavy stockings of silky looking elastic. I knew I could never wear them so I never purchased them, because for one thing they were so expensive and being a person who cannot tolerate the heat, I just didn't waste the money. Here's the wonderful thing about Immune 26, which we have been taking for about two months. I went for a walk with my husband the other evening and as we walked I told him we could not go to far, knowing my past experiences with walking, but to our amazement, I was not just walking, I was running and could not stop. I was so excited, we went over a mile and a half. I felt as though I could have walked all night! We were all excited, because when I came home and started to prepare our evening meal and still had all that energy, we knew it was the bio choice i26 working on my circulatory system. The veins in my legs had been feeling a little strange when I slept about a week before this and I wondered what it was. My husband and I talked about it and as non professionals, we could just assume it was the blood vessels being cleared of toxins or whatever hampers the good use of our veins! I am also a diabetic and my readings have been much lower on my glucose daily test. This is three days later and I have stopped my walking and have so much energy my family told me it looks as though I have the fountain of youth in this product. I thank the Lord for Judith and Frank for sharing the information about such a wonderful product. I can't see how anyone could be without it! We are telling everyone of our friends and anyone we meet about it! 



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No Pain, Just Gain

3 years ago I herniated 2 discs in my lower back. L4/5 & L5/S1 and also had a bulging Disc at L3/4. I almost had back surgery but do to various modalities of healing, (acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine, energy healing work, etc) I was able to avoid it. My recovery took many months but I was always left with some back pain and sciatica that ran down my right leg to my foot. I also had chronic pain in my muscles which I now believe was fibromyalgia due to the traumatized area. My friend introduced me to i26 and in 4 days I was pain free for the first time in 3 years. I have been on the immune26, 3 serving a day for about 7 weeks and have had no pain come back. I am also sleeping like a baby and getting up at 5 am and working until 9 at night without an afternoon nap. My gums are nice and pink again for the first time in years and my digestive system works like clockwork with better bowel movements then I has had in years. I love i26 and will take it forever and tell as many people as I can about it. 

Ricky B 

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Vanishing Back Pain

In Oct 2000, I suffered a slipped disc that put me into extreme pain and into the hospital. I was bed-ridden for two months and have undergone extensive rehab - however pain has been my constant (unwelcome) companion ever since. This morning I discovered that my back is now pain-free, after only 3 weeks on Immune26 - at the rate of 1 scoop per day! What a welcome relief! 

Frank S. 

Rejuvenated Joints

The medications and exercises the doctors prescribed did little to ease my joint issues. After three weeks of taking i26, I noticed an increase of energy and my joints felt healthier and more flexible. I have now returned to many activities I thought I would never be able to do again. I feel better than I have felt in many years! 

Paula, OR 

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Flexible Feet For Christmas

I broke my ankle six years ago and had to have pins in it for about two years. After consuming immune26 for about 45-60 days, I noticed my joints were more flexible. I was able to wear a 3-inch heal to a Christmas party! 

Terry, CA 

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Remarkable Arthritis Relief

I have been a customer of i26 since 2003. Once I started on i26 I experienced relief from arthritis in my ankles, hips and shoulders but from 2010 through 2011 I decided to try a product called Colostrum in lieu of i26, however, the arthritis in my ankle joints became worse and got so severe I had to stop exercising. Being a walker and jogger, I decided in December of 2011 to get back on i26 and Flex from Legacy. Within 1 week I was back doing 30 minute walks through our beautiful city park without my ankles locking up on me. Also, my blood pressure the last few years has been border line high. I recently had a medical physical after being back on i26 for a year and it's down to 120/80. Just another reason why I take i26 every day! I'll never be without these products, and now I really enjoy sharing the Legacy products and this business opportunity with other people.

Wally Johnson, UT   

Living with Muscular Dystrophy

I am a 65 year old male with muscular dystrophy and have now been on i26 for 3 weeks. The stiffness and weakness in my legs has been reduced by 80% in this short time. Thank for introducing me to this wonderful product. 

Jack W. 

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Getting Back on My Feet

I started taking I-26 when I became a distributor for Legacy For Life. At the time I was living as if I was always tired and run down with no ambition. I wasn't but a few weeks after I started taking i26 that I started doing yard work and projects around my home again. I was also taking Vicodin ES at that time for pain in my back, hip and leg. What started happening after i26 I went from taking around five pills a day to taking one in the morning and one at bed time. I did that and was happy. Then one day I was trying to recruit a man into my Legacy business and was telling him my story of reducing my Vicodin ES need from five to two. He asked me what would happen if I just stopped all together. I said I might go back in pain again but I thought why not try and see what happens and I haven't taken a Vicodin ES since, and that was four years ago!

Vincent Cunningham, NJ   

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