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Two Words

Two words... SIMPLY AMAZING!!! I really love this stuff. Everything it claims to do it has truely done it for me.


Summer (2011)

Saying Goodbye To Stomachaches

Prior to using i26 I was sick and tired all the time, going to the doctor often for infections and stomach issues from IBM to stomach acid problems. I started using i26 every day and noticed a difference within 10 days. I now sleep great, feel great and have more energy. I keep taking i26 regularly and my stomach issues are gone and I have only been on antibiotics 3 x's in the past 11 years. I was so happy with my results, I shared i26 with Rambo Brown!

Debbie Brown, TX   

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Cutting Cholesterol Levels

My wife Brenda has had VERY high cholesterol (244) and triglycerides (781). About one month ago she stopped taking her meds, with the exception of Lipitor. She added i26, a product made from eggs designed to enhance the immune system. She has been taking the product TWICE a day (mixed in 1% choc milk). Her doctor's office just called and said for her to keep taking her "MEDS" because her cholesterol had dropped to 203 and the triglycerides had dropped to 372! WE ARE ELATED! 

In February, 2001, Brenda's Cholesterol was 244 and Triglycerides were 781. In April, 2001, Cholesterol was 203 and Triglycerides were 372. On May 25, 2001, Cholesterol was 196 Triglycerides were 332, with HDL 43 and LDL 95. Both are in the normal ranges. This lowering of the Cholesterol and Triglycerides is a direct result of using i26 for a period of just TWO MONTHS. 

Yours in Health, 
Paul & Brenda H

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Reducing Acid Reflux

I had a severe bout of acid reflux about 8 years ago and after an endoscopic exam, I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia, irritable bowel and gastritis. I was given Prevacid which didn't work. Then I was given Nexium which worked somewhat for the acid reflux but didn't help for my other symptoms. I didn't want to take Nexium for too long because of the side effects and I decided to take 2 scoops of i26 everyday. After a few weeks all my symptoms disappeared. I now take 2 scoops of i26 every other day, and I haven't suffered from acid reflux or my other symptoms to present.

Jacky, NY   

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No More Irritating Painkillers

I am 62 years old and am in the plumbing and heating business. After 25 years in this trade I have experienced the usual neck, back and arthritis problems. As well, I have always had stomach problems as long as I can remember. In 1993, I was involved in a serious car accident resulting in back, neck and leg injuries. The prescription painkillers caused my stomach to be inflamed. I soon learned that to get pain relief I had to suffer with excess stomach acid & discomfort. Over the years since the accident my arthritis has grown continually worse and I have been on Prednisone, Celebrex and Arthotec to combat the pain & discomfort. This affected my stomach so bad that I could hardly eat any foods that I liked. I came to the conclusion that my body could not continue to sustain this kind of damage so I set a goal to get totally off these medications. I had heard about Immune26 some time before I was actually able to order the product in Canada so when a friend told me about a new product for the immune system I immediately signed up and purchased the product. Within 3 days of taking Immune26 I felt so good that I decided to take a chance and quit my medication. That was over 2 months ago and I have not taken any anti-acids or stomach medication since that time. My arthritis, aches and pains are far less now than when I was taking the drugs and now I have no side effects that bother my stomach. I feel I am able to do more at work and around the house without suffering the consequences of the arthritis. Thank you i26, I whole-heartedly recommend this to anyone suffering as I have. 

Ralph R 

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Controlling Blood Sugar

I have been using every minute of every day preparing for a trip, which we will be making in a large motorhome. (I have been concerned also about my brother who has been on a ventilator [heart condition] for a time and is still in intensive care.) There are nine of us making this trip, and preparations go on and on. Everyone is pitching in, but there is always more to do. My husband says he doesn't know where I'm getting the energy to do all I'm doing, because [as a diabetic] my sugar had been up. However, now that we have been on Immune 26, well that must be it. I have noticed great improvement in my sugar count. Those had been high, as high as 168 and above a few times and lately no lower than 150, sometimes 140. My readings now are 78, 100, 102, 98, and even lower! This is amazing, because with all this strain, I am under at this time it has been good... I'm feeling great. 

Thanks, Judith 

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Improving Weight and Wellness

I have been taking i26 just since last Thursday (about 1 week) and have noticed already numerous positive effects. First let me explain that I am a 54 yr old overweight woman. I have suffer from fibromyalgia for years, you name the medication I have no doubt tried it and I can tell you all the side effects that experienced with them. As of two months ago my rheumatoid doctor told me I should be think about going on disability by the end of 2013. You see when I get up in the morning I am stiff not just a little I can literally stand up go to more a leg and fall over. Yes, just like the "tin man". At work if I sit too long same effect. It is hard to sleep at night due to the pain therefore I am tired during the day. So I am tired, can't move well this results in no exercise and not losing any weight.

Now that is what I was dealing with prior to last Thursday. I took the i26 Thursday but did not expect to see any results right away. Even with all the medications I have taken that don't start right away. Except for Darvocet I took 6 of those per day. Does that give you an idea of the pain? So I get up Friday morning careful as usual to get out of bed to see which leg had more mobility and they both did! They were still stiff but I could move around without fear of falling. I went to bed Friday night and for the first time in a long time I slept all night! When I woke up on Saturday and seen I had slept into 6:30 I was fearful I would fall. I didn't! I actually was quite mobile still some stiffness, but I felt so good that I took our two dogs for a walk! That is totally unheard of for me. I went through the day with more energy and clarity. Yes, clarity, when you don't get enough sleep you feel like you are in a fog. I did not have the fog and I stayed up until 10:30 sewing! I had energy!

On Sunday after two walks with the dogs I decided to weigh myself. I had lost 5 pounds since Friday! Now what you need to understand here is that I lost 60 pounds last year and 50 pounds the year before. I have kept that weight off but it comes off so slow. I think the weight loss was a combination of the i26 making it possible for me to move around and I eat better. I am elated with the progress I have made and it has not even been a whole week! I now have big plans for this year so look out!

Extremely appreciative,
Becky Jo Layman, IL   

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An Energy Boost

I just started taking Immune26 in April. I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 16 years, and been disabled for the last 8. Within the last month, my energy has returned to pre-sickness levels. I am so excited. I hope to get some doctors who treat CBS and fibromyalgia recruited. 

Kuan T 

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Looking and Feeling Younger

It is so great to have an all natural ingredient that makes such a difference in one's quality of life. It has been listed in the PDR and has a great number of published articles supporting its ability to help the body limit inflammation (which is the cause of most disease). I've been taking 2-3 scoops/day for years. People tell me I look 10 years younger than my chronological age. My energy and stamina are great and I am on no Rx meds. If a cold hits, I just increase my servings and it is gone in a day or less. My entire family feels fortunate that we found this product in our life-times. 


Anne L. (2011)

Unbounded Energy

About two months ago I began to spend more and more time in bed and when up felt more and more fatigued. At some point I found out I had Hepatitis C antibodies in my blood. On further testing I was told I definitely had the virus. I had the classic symptoms of Hepatitis C. Fatigue, gastrointestinal problems, joint pain, loss of appetite, and mental impairment including unclear thinking, loss of memory, and just a general lack of focus. I was introduced to Immune26 and began taking 1 scoop a day as recommended for normal use. I did try a second scoop soon after but mostly forgot as I was taking it later in the day, not both scoops together. This went on for a month and I did feel some improvement and I was considering trying something else. But, after communicating with Dr. Greenblatt I decided to up my dose to 4 scoops, all in the morning. Well, after 14 days I woke up early, as I had begun doing better overall, and for the first time in months felt normal. This was a vast improvement and was also the first day I didn't feel tired at any point in my day. On the 16th day I awoke with unbounded energy. That was the best day I could remember for so long. I won't say everyday is like the 16th day but I can say I went from 50 - 60% to 95 - 98% in energy and overall well-being. All I did was Immune26, nothing else, other than vitamins I had been taking for years. I found it hard to be really happy during this time of feeling bad ever day but now I can say I am happy! 

Bill K. 

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Life-Changing Health Support

I am 63 years old, and as a child and young adult my parents struggled emotionally and financially with my illnesses. I saw doctor after doctor and none of them could help me. I remember complaining to my doctor that I was so tired all the time. In my 40's, my joints were not as flexible as they used to be. In March of 2001, my husband heard of i26 and ordered it for me to try. I was very negative, but he insisted, he made me the shakes and stood over me until I drank them. After three weeks of taking the shakes I noticed I was sleeping, I had more energy and my joints felt more healthy and flexible. I thank God for i26! 

Lynnette, MO 

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Take It From Me

My story begins in 1999 while we were living in Houston, TX.  I was diagnosed with what had a high probability of being terminal cancer.  I went through chemotherapy, radiation, and multiple surgeries.  By God’s grace, these treatments worked and my cancer went into remission and has stayed in remission since. In 2000, my wife and I drove to Tulsa, OK to meet a new tenant, Chad Coombs, who had moved into our rental property there with his wife and to do some yard work.  I was doing work in the yard, when Chad came out to meet us.  I asked what line of work that he was in.   He told me that he worked with a company called Legacy for Life that sold a product, i26, that would build up one’s immunity.  Since I had a compromised immune system, I was interested in hearing more.  Now I have been in almost every MLM in the book and most were scams so I wasn’t really interested in becoming involved as distributor.  Chad gave me some literature and a couple of cassette tapes that we listened to on the way back to Houston.  I was hooked.  I wanted to try it.  So I ordered a can and as they say, the rest is history.  I have been a distributor ever since sharing my story with family and friends.


Let me share one story that convinced me i26 really works.  About a year after I went on to i26, we were in the process of moving to San Antonio, TX.  We had purchased our house there and I was commuting back and forth.  One late afternoon, I began to feel really sick from either a cold or from the flu.  I left work early and went to the house.  I took a double dose of i26 and laid down.  I woke up in the middle of the night and felt worse.  I took another double dose of i26 and went back to bed.  In the morning I woke up and felt 100% with no signs or symptoms of any kind of illness.  I was convinced i26 worked. It has been over 15 years that I have been on i26.  With the exception of one minor cold, I have not been sick in all of that time.  This is from a guy who has a compromised immune system and would get a cold or the flu once or twice a year.  When I go to work or travel, I always take the tablets with me so that I can take my i26 conveniently when I am away.


Tom Middleton

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From Wheelchair to Walking

This testimonial was shared with me by a lady who reported her mother having total paralysis right side, loss of memory, and unintelligible speech as a result of a stroke in May 2000. According to Gail, she started her mother on Immune26 Support in October, some 5 months later, and after boosting her dosage of this natural supplement to twice the maintenance dose, prior to Christmas, her mother went from being wheelchair bound to a walker to a 4 pronged cane to a cane to no cane along with almost complete recovery of her memory and speech. 

The Greatest Wealth is Health, 
Dr. Bob 

Immune Balance for a Better Life

As an RN, I can assure I-26 is the safest, across the board for all ages, best supplement I have ever found!!! Yes, and I do research everything I come across!!!


My name is Charlene Kelley and I'm and RN in Kentucky. I've already told some of my story about i26 and the amazing health benefits I've seen by giving it to patients, friends and family but this happened recently, and I wanted to share this story about my 86 year old aunt. She has been a diabetic for 21 years and has been on oral medication. I encouraged her to take i26 and even though she was inconsistent taking it (1 serving a day) her overall health improved. Recently her blood chemistry took a turn for the worse (e.g. hemoglobin A1C- 8.7) and the doctor was considering putting her on insulin. I confronted her and got her to take 1-2 servings of i26 2x per day faithfully. She did and her A1C blood marker came down to a normal 6.7 within a short period of time. THAT IS AMAZING! I know i26 does not cure anything but what a wonderful thing an immune system in balance is. OK, I might as well tell you this as well. My mom started on i26 8 years ago, when she was 85, and has had only 2 colds since. She is now 93 years young. I love this stuff.    

Charlene Kelley, KY

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More Sleep, More Energy, Less Stress

I have been using i26 products for almost 10 months now. I sprinkle the powder on my salads when I make one, I also put some in smoothies either from scratch in my vita-mix or Silks protein and juice drink. I also mix some in small fruit and yogurt cups. I have been sleeping better, have more energy and able to deal with stress better, since using it. I also give it to our pets. The vet wanted to know why our cocker spaniel dog Tonka doesn't get ear infections because its unusual for long eared dogs not to get ear infections. I told her that it's because of i26.

Kathy Thera, FL   

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i26 Strong

I was pleased at how quickly I received my i26  (I live in Montreal, Canada) and how simple it was to order online and over the phone. I really like that you can pay with Pay-Pal, this is a big plus for many who don't have any credit, and I like the simplicity of the product. Personally, I buy the i26 cans and just mix it with juice - quick and down the hatch every day or so.

I recently had an operation for a detached retina and the retina specialist remarked on how quickly it was healing. I can't help but believe that my 'i26 strong' immune system had something to do with it. My sight isn't perfect in my left eye but at least my retina is attached!

I think what I like most about i26 is the general, day to day feeling of well-being, especially in my gut. I never really had digestion issues (or any health issues for that matter) but it seems that since taking i26, everything in there seems to be much more efficient. I have regular movements, I rarely feel bloated of gassy (I don't drink much and have never smoked, but I do like to eat!), and I rarely get sick. If I feel the flu coming on, I just stop and rest and take a little extra i26.

It is really the only supplement I take. I use to take various vitamins but I have stopped that for the last 5 years or so. I recommend it to everyone but many people are skeptical. I try and tell them that the only way you will ever  know is to try it for at least a year. I think many feel I just want to make money off them but those who know me realize that is not my intention. I just give them the Legacy link and tell them to order it on their own. (I have a co-worker battling Chrons Disease that I'm working on.. so we'll see.)

In conclusion, just a warm-hearted thanks.
To any reading this and trying to decide, do yourself a favor, order i26 now, but make a committment to stick with it if you want to see lasting benefits!


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Happiness in Health

In 2001 my girlfriend had been going thru a difficult time. She had lost her father and a sister in the same year and was traveling 300 miles every other weekend to be with her mother. She was worn out and depressed. I sent her two cans of "BioChoice" (that's what i26 was called back in 2001) because I had experienced relief from severe joint pain when I started taking it. She also had back pain and, after about 10 days we were IM'ing over the internet and she told me that she didn't think it was doing anything for her (back pain). That was on a Thursday evening. The following day she left to see her mother and we didn't communicate until that Sunday.

When she came on the internet that Sunday night her first words were, "Dan, you're not going to believe this... but I FEEL WONDERFUL!" She couldn't explain it, but just all of a sudden she felt good and was out of her depression. This surprised me... I had sent her the i26 for back pain and not only did it help that but it also had a very positive effect on her state of mind (depression).

Like most people who take supplements, I have a tendency to put off taking what is good for me when I feel good. So I stopped taking the i26 for a good spell. In the last year Connie lost her mother and a brother to cancer. Didn't know it at the time, but Connie had gone into a pretty bad depression. Neither of us understood what was going on but her attitude towards me was very negative. So much in fact, we had discussed separating because there was no affection in our relationship. I got back with Legacy the early part of June. When my first shipment of i26 arrived I put Connie on two scoops a day. Once again... about ten days later she went to work on a Friday morning... that evening when she came home she was a totally different woman from that morning. Just all of a sudden she felt the love and passion for me that she seemed to have lost! It happened just that quickly. Neither of us will stop taking 126 again, and I've decided to start building a lucrative Legacy business by sharing information about i26 with as many people as I can!

Daniel Berry, AR

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