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Longest Surviving Patient

Dennis was my father in law.  He was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia in about 2002.  He was 80 when diagnosed.  When he told his daughter, who is my wife, and me about his condition, he asked for my input as I was a cancer survivor.  He was being told about the heavy chemotherapy that he would have to undergo which might extend his survival for a month or two longer than if he received no treatment.  I asked him if he wanted quality of life or to live a month or two longer.  He readily said quality of life.  I recommended that he take i26 to keep his immunity up.  He immediately ordered it and began to take it.  He took 3 to 4 doses a day.  Long story short, he became the longest surviving leukemia patient that Mayo Clinic had ever had.  He passed away after 5 years from his diagnosis.  He had quality of life until the last 4 weeks of his life.  Mayo, as a result of his experience, has begun to explore supplements as another method of treatment for cancer. On a side note, my wife had a number of questions about i26 so she called Legacy to ask her questions.  The customer service rep was very helpful and offered to get answers to the questions she couldn’t answer.  My wife was shocked when Dr. Helen called her and answered her questions.  Dr. Helen was very patient and even followed up a few months later to see how my wife’s Dad was doing.


In loving memory of Dennis Mulholland

Tom Middleton

Staying Awake and Being Productive

As you may recall I have been under multiple physician care continuously for 3-1/2 years for numerous health challenges. From March, 2000 I went to the Internet to study Alternative Medicine and found Chelation to remove poisons from the body; as well as Dr. Royal Rife's process. Found a Rife practitioner locally in May. In August, 2000 I started 30 Chelation i.v. therapy session with the only Certified Chelationist Physician in Southwest Florida. Later adding DMPS (for arsenic and mercury removal from the brain) and Hydrogen Peroxide i.v. therapy for dead T-cell removal. I continue on the latter 2 mention therapies based upon a designed program with general Chelation maintenance every 7 weeks. Will complete my 2nd round of DMPS and 3rd round of Hydrogen Peroxide Sept. 2001. 

I have been on Immune26 for 3 weeks tomorrow and after the 5th day, I no longer have had to worry about the palsy tremors that nothing has handled and I have not taken any afternoon naps as has been recommended by all physicians. Since Chelation I moved from a 2 to 5 hours work to 8 and now with i26 I am able to stay up for 12 to 20 hours. I'm thrilled as a high demand marketing strategist for small companies,I can now focus on my consultant business and can now also include i26 as an additional business. 


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Living with Fibromyalgia

When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1997, the medications and exercises the doctors prescribed did little to ease the pain and stiffness. After three weeks of taking Immune26 I noticed an increase of energy and relief from the pain. I have now returned to many of activities I thought I would never be able to do again. I feel better than I have felt in many years! 

Paula, OR 

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Overnight Improvement of Shingles

I was told to expect 3 months of exterior and interior shingles. Immune26 gave me overnight relief and am doing yard work, walking faster and feeling better by the day. 

Earl, age 70 

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Minimizing Psoriasis

After 3 weeks on i26 my psoriasis which was broadcast all over my body has improved at least 80%.I have spent thousands of dollars on medications and doctors with little or no results over the past 30 years. I am ecstatic! 

Katie, CA 

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Psoriasis in Remission

i26 works its magic!
Osteo Arthritis is painful but also can cause restrictive range of motion as was my situation in my right shoulder. In addition to arthritis I also had guttate psoriasis for more years than I care to recall. The psoriasis was manageable to a degree, meaning I could deal with it but really needed a solution for the arthritis besides drugs or surgery. In 2001 I began to learn about my body and all my conditions hoping to at least know what was going on inside me. Luck was on my side one day when I came across i26. A few months after learning as much as possible in that time frame about my immune system and i26, it was time to try it. A dosage of three times a day was suggested which I did for three months and then went to twice a day for another three to four months with a continued usage of once a day. Results were nothing short of amazing. Psoriasis went into total remission in 30 days. After three months the arthritis pain had greatly diminished. New X-rays showed there was healing of previously damaged areas. By the end of the first year I was back in shape with no signs of any disorders. Years later the conditions have remained in remission. i26 was able to help my immune system keep the cause of my psoriasis under control. There were a number of wonderful health benefits that i26 enabled my system to produce, things you will never get from a drug or vitamin.

John Russo   

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Dealing with Colon Cancer

This is a factual account of how the LegacyForLife product Immune26 helped me through my fight against cancer of the colon. In August 2008 I was diagnosed with cancer in my cross colon and scheduled for an operation in November 2008. I did not panic and whilst discussing the various options with my wife, I remembered Immune26 which I had been introduced to several years previously. I ordered a quantity via a friend of mine in New York and took the product right up to my operation. The operation turned out to be problematic and took around 8 hours.

I continued taking Immune26 after the operation and right through the following chemotherapy. I made such a rapid recovery that I was discharged from hospital, much to my surgeon's amazement, on the fifth day after the operation. My surgeon said that for a man of my age I had made an almost miraculous recovery and that many guys half my age took around 3-4 weeks to recover.

On the day of my discharge I actually accompanied my wife down to the beach and sat there while she took our dog for his customary walk. My oncologist prescribed a 9 month course of chemotherapy as they suspected it may have spread into my liver. I can best describe the course of chemo as a doddle. I honestly had no major symptoms at all. I have since had several mandatory check-ups which have so far indicated I am clear. I am certain that taking the Immune26, which built up and regulated my immune system, helped me to cope so well with the cancer and the after treatment. I heartily recommend the product to everybody, and I now take the product every day and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

Yours Very Sincerely,
John D. Hanley, UK   

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Going Through Chemotherapy

My chemo medication for the last 4 treatments were Docetaxel and Carboplatin. My oncologist warned me that these meds were twice the strength of the first four and that the side effects, unfortunately would be worse than expected for the first series.

I increased my servings to 15 to 20 servings of hyperimmune egg. Except for a delayed loss of taste and occasional tiredness I had few effects. People who saw me, especially my co-horts, remarked numerous times how great I looked they couldn't even tell that I was undergoing chemotherapy. I continued on my daily 2 mile walks, did all my household chores including shopping and traveling [sometimes by subway] to all my appointments by myself prepared my own food, and maintained my T-cell counts so that I never missed a chemo treatment.

Thanks to the excellent care of my clinic physicians and the rest of the staff, my tumors are in remission. I am also grateful that the hyperimmune egg appeared to contribute to my quality of life and made my ordeal less arduous.

G.F., FL   

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