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Feels Good to Breathe

I believe  so much in this product that if i see someone close to me sick or with low energy, I buy the first one for free and give it to them. Then I tell them to go to the website and buy it, or I will order it for them and they can just pay me back for it. I love this product and again it would be good if this product can be exposed more in the internet for folks that have horrible allergies and people with low energy that get sick due to stress.


I already buy i26 for my friends and family members. I even bought this product for my grandmother and grandfather. Since they're from the Dominican Republic, and the weather there is hot, when they came here for a visit in cold weather they got really sick! I got them i26, and it was great to see them with out a cold and with so much energy. One is 87 and the other one 90 years old. It was amazing how their energy level and health increased tremendously from this product.


Specifically, what i love the most about the product is that I no longer have a constant cold and it feels good to breathe. I have chronic, horrible, disgusting - just the worst case of allergies. It's so bad that I need allergy shots and antibiotics all the time. This always leads to congestion and that translates into colds and fevers. Because of constantly being sick, I lose weight uncontrollably. The worst part is that I can't work because I am in such a bad attitude. This product has taken away everything that i just mentioned above. i26 gives me more energy, awesome digestion, and a good attitude. I cant really explain how grateful im to God and you guys for this product.


-Wascar Aracena

Living with Asthma (Video)

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This is an update to the video statement that I made a few months ago. I have been on the i26 for 7 months now and I have not had an Asthma attack yet. I have not had to use my Ventolin inhaler at all since starting with the product back in June of last year. I am very pleased with the results and I am very grateful to the person that showed me this product as it has changed my life. I no longer depend on that inhaler to survive. I wish my mom had known about this product when I was growing up but the good thing is I have it now and I will take the i26 for as long as I live.

Patty Witrado, AR
January 2013   

Keep Sniffles Out of The House

I and my family started using i26 before the school year started. I was afraid of all the flu strains and all the stuff kids pass around to each other, then bring home. My kids and I have been well for over a year now, not even a cold. I am impressed by my energy levels and really believe that hyperimmune egg delivers on its promise of helping my body respond to problems in a very efficient manor. Our medicine cabinet is bare and I want to keep it that way.


Jack M. (2010)

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Stifling Flu Season

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Every year for as long as I can remember I have suffered from numerous colds and viruses from October until early spring. Since taking Immune26, I have not suffered at all! At the slightest sign of a cold I double my dosage and within days the symptoms have passed. 

Lisa W, England 

Breathing Easier

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I had a phone conversation with a dear friend in the Chicago area tonight. She told me about her 7 year old grandson named Noah who has had a history of asthma. They began giving him i26 Support about a month ago, and even in the hot, humid weather of Chicago and during their recent trip to Mississippi, Noah's asthma symptoms were much improved. Noah realizes that Immune26 makes the difference in how he feels and asks for it daily. Isn't this exciting? 


Allergy Season

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I have been on i26 now for a couple weeks and I have noticed a significant decrease in my allergy symptoms! I was constantly blowing my nose, before getting on the product, and now I don't suffer at all! 

Craig W. 

A Better Quality of Life

I have been a customer of immune26 since 1998. At that time I was suffering from a number of severe problems that began following a car accident in 1986. Among other things, I was getting sick a lot and was on antibiotics multiple times per year for over 10 years. I also became very allergic to a number of things and my heart would skip as many as one beat out of every four when I was exposed to certain foods dried herbs and perfumes and started to use Ventolin for asthma related to these allergies. Since including immune26 in my diet beginning in 1998 I have only needed antibiotics 4 times (teeth related issues), have not needed Ventolin and have not experienced the heart skipping allergies. I will never be without the support of this wonderful immune support food and recommend it for everyone.

Dr. Dennis P. Steigerwald, NY   

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Keeping Kids Healthy

My family, Sam 17, Allie 15, Zac 12, Jacob 11 as well as my wife Jenni, mother Glenda, 4 brothers and 2 sisters have been using i26 for 2-4 years (brothers come along later) have only been sick 3 times collectively in that time frame. My kids have needed only 1 antibiotic in 4 years for swimmers ear. I am not sure about other families but when your kids NEVER miss school (besides to play hooky with dad) that is special and sometimes hard for others to believe but it is the truth!

Francis Marino, OK   

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