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When you spend 99% of your time around dogs, you start to think alike.

So when you heard that i26 Companion® combines the health support dogs need with the savory beef flavor they drool for, you howled for joy.

We all know dogs hate taking their supplements. No matter how you try to disguise their pills, our canine companions always know better.

With i26 Companion®, giving your dogs their supplements will be as easy as tossing a treat.

Made with our patented IgY Max specific immunity formula and added vitamins, minerals and glucosamine for joint support, i26 Companion® protects your canine's digestive health and improves immune function, resulting in far-reaching benefits for well being.

i26 Companion® - The Healthy Treat Dogs Love.

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Reduce digestive sensitivity

Promote healthy skin and coat

Restore joint depletion from daily activity

Increase energy

Support oral health

Control weight and appetite

Special case pricing also available to qualified DVM or licensed breeders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does i26 Companion® Work?

i26 Companion has been shown to reduce the side effects of poor digestive health by improving bowel function, increasing gut wall integrity, promoting a proper bacterial balance, and promoting a normal inflammatory response. These combined effects help reduce immune stress in the digestive tract, resulting in a more efficient immune response and improved overall health and well being.

i26 Companion, dogs, pets, chewables, supplement, skin, coat, oral, digestive, health, i26 for health

Is i26 Companion® Safe?

Absolutely. i26 Companion is 100% safe for dogs of all shapes and sizes because it is made from whole dried egg with only vitamins, minerals and glucosamine added for joint support. But don't just take our word for it, veterinarians even recommend i26!

"I've been using Companion in my practice for some time now and have been very satisfied with the results. After less than one week of taking i26 Companion, an older dog with excessive weight problems was active, running up and down stairs, and playing with kids again."

-Roger Baxter, DVM

*Pets with egg allergies should not take i26 Companion

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