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i26 powder, i26 for health, hyperimmune egg powder, digestive, immune, supplement

Improve digestive function and feel brand new  with one simple daily supplement.



 Never Forget To Order Again 

Your daily dose of healthy living.

Just take i26 every morning and begin to feel the cumulative benefits of a protected digestive and immune system. After just 1 week of taking i26 regularly, users have reported increased energy, improved digestive function and reduced discomfort in muscles and joints.

You deserve a better quality of life. Find it with i26.

i26 powder, i26 for health, hyperimmune egg powder, digestive, immune, supplement

Doctors Trust i26®

Not only do our customers love i26, but it has previously been listed in the Physician's Desk Reference, and many medical professionals also recommend it to their patients for improving digestive immunity.

Gluten Free

No Hormones


No Antibiotics

i26 Fits Your Style

Because supplements shouldn't control your life.

i26 Chewables come in Banana and French Vanilla flavors for those who prefer a flavored supplement.

i26 Capsules are a quick, easy solution for on-the-go health support in the traditional supplement form.

i26 Powder is 100% original formula. Just mix 1-2 scoops with your morning milk, orange juice or yogurt to start the day right.

Free US Shipping on orders $50+

i26 Powder
Complete Support
i26 FIT

While other supplements claim to boost your immune system,

i26 contains specific immunity against harmful gut bacteria.

i26 improves gastrointestinal function by:

Reducing attachment of non-beneficial bacteria

Supporting a proper inflammatory response

Promoting the growth of beneficial flora

Wondering how just one supplement can do all this? 

Tried and True. Just Ask the Bittles.

Nic and Tarina Bittle discuss how i26 has improved their family's health and helped them reduce monthly medical costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does i26® Work?

Made from our patented IgY Max formula, i26 contains specific immunity against 26 common human pathogens. By reducing attachment of non-beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, i26 controls immune stress and promotes a normal inflammatory response to improve gastrointestinal function, helping the immune system function more efficiently for improved overall health and well being.

Is i26® Safe?

Absolutely. i26 is made from 100% whole dried egg powder, so it is as safe as scrambled eggs. 

Additionally, i26 is self-affirmed GRAS and holds a Master Food Additive File Number with the FDA. Because i26 works by supporting your body's natural immune response, it does not artificially "boost" your immune system, ensuring a controlled, normal inflammatory response. If you have an egg allergy, you should consult your doctor before taking i26.

Looking for more info? See full F.A.Q.

What I like most about i26 is the general, day to day feeling of well-being, especially in my gut. I never really had digestion issues, but it seems that since taking i26, I rarely feel bloated or gassy, and I rarely get sick.


No One Likes Being Sick.

Take a Proactive Step Toward Your Health with i26.

i26 powder, i26 for health, hyperimmune egg powder, digestive, immune, supplement

Gluten Free


No Hormones

No Antibiotics

Free shipping on US orders $100+

Prior to using i26 I was sick and tired all the time, going to the doctor often for infections and stomach issues. I started using i26 every day and noticed a difference within 10 days. I now sleep great, feel great and have more energy. I keep taking i26 regularly and my stomach issues are gone.

- Debbie Brown, TX

What makes your gut happy? What foods should you avoid?

Learn everything you need to know about digestive health in our monthly post.


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