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A True Story of Climbing Mt. Everest

By: Rob Marshall

The mornings on Everest can be down-right brutal.  Waking up in a small tent on the side of a live glacier, your sleeping bag covered in ice crystals, the sound of the glacier popping, moving, cracking around you… it’s a heck of a way to wake up.  But what can be tougher than the cold is the hunger.


I woke up hungry every day I was on that mountain.  For two months, your body is burning calories at an unbelievable rate.  In fact, it is slowly eating itself, as few people get enough carbs, fat and protein to maintain body weight.  After climbing mountains around the world, I knew that a good source of protein was one of the most important parts of expedition nutrition.  The trick is: how do you get safe, healthy protein at 20,000ft?  Trust me, yak meat that has been carried on someone’s back, unrefrigerated for five days, isn’t the source you want if you can avoid it.


So to replenish the massive amounts of muscle proteins I was breaking down, I decided to give IgY protein a try.  As a believer and eater of good ol’ eggs, I was intrigued by the simplicity of IgY: pure egg powder.  Plus I liked the fact that it would boost my immune system, which is critical when your body is chronically tired and the people around you are often sick.  I figured it was worth a try.


Twice a day, at breakfast and at dinner, I would combine a small packet of IgY protein powder with some EmergenC vitamins and chug it down with my meal.  At first other climbers were skeptical, but after a month of losing weight and beating our bodies on the mountain, people were asking to try the IgY.  Why?  Because I was feeling awesome and my body was recovering quickly from trips through the ice fall or up and down the Lhotse face.  


After 40 exhausting days on the mountain, living at 18,000ft and above, my team and I reached the summit of Everest.  Our summit day included passing five groups of slow, path blocking climbing teams.  That means unclipping and free climbing around the masses to avoid being stuck.  And that took the most energy and effort I’ve ever put forth.  But time after time, I had the stamina and health to turn on the burners and make it happen.  Then, upon reaching the top, I maintained a summit tradition I started when I first began climbing as a military cadet:  I flew the Air Force flag and then proceeded to do pushups on the summit.  30 pushups in 30 seconds and my body was responding wonderfully, even at 29,000ft. 

















It took only 12 hours for the roundtrip from Camp 4 to the summit and back.  It was a huge victory.  Sadly, so many other climbers succumbed to sickness, to joint pain, to exhaustion and turned around or never even left base camp.   But after 40 days of constant effort, battling coughs/colds/sickness, and demanding more from a body than several ultramarathons combined, we prevailed. Was much of that due to our preparation and teamwork?  Hell yes.  But I’m sure I gave my body an advantage through the IgY protein.  My body recovered day after day and my immune system remained strong.  


When pushing our bodies to the maximum, whether it be above the Death Zone or simply at the gym, we’ve got to nourish our muscles, organs and immune system.  My take is to utilize nature’s perfect tools whenever possible, so the natural egg proteins in IgY were right for me.  The results from the top of Mt. Everest prove that trusting IgY was mighty fine idea.

Woman Warrior

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I first tried IgY Max during Mardi Gras 2015. It was suggested to me by a friend who received some as a free sample.  While I had to get used to the texture and taste, it worked very well and I went back for more. Fast forward to months later - I found myself needing surgery for a torn bicep and rotator, and enter the start of IgY Max on a regular basis. 2 weeks after surgery,  when I was able to focus enough to get on the Internet, I Google searched IgY, went to the Facebook page and finally to the Web page and placed my order. It took about a week to arrive and by the time I started physical therapy, I was taking it 2 times a day. It quickly became apparent to me, my physical therapist, and my doctor that I was doing extremely well with my recovery, and that my range of motion was much greater than most at any particular time. I am currently in my last stage of therapy and eager to get back to work.

I have told just about everyone how well I think IgY Max has worked for me. I even have one friend that has the same package as I do (delivery 1 time a month). As it relates to what it has done for me (other than the obvious), I feel like my recovery time has cut in half. I do not find myself nearly as sore as I should be while taking IgY Max. The only thing I tell someone who is about to try it for the first time is to mix it very well and I tell them it has a unique taste. I debated on purchasing it at first because of the price, but I figured if it helped with Mardi Gras, it should help with my shoulder and bicep.


Athena Monteleone, New Orleans, LA

A Champion's Secret Weapon

I have been racing bicycles for over 35 years and have had the honor to race on such teams as 

the US Postal Service alongside such amazing athletes as Lance Armstrong and Rich Hincappie. Along the way I have been fortunate to win 7 world championships and 29 national championship titles. Bicycle racing is a very demanding sport requiring many long hours in the saddle and some very intense training. Road races can last over 3-5 hours and require the ability to endure intense physical efforts which tax your muscular and cardiovascular system. 

The ability to recover from such intense efforts during training and racing is paramount if an athlete is able to continue to perform at his best. Even though I am now over the age of 60 and I don’t race the longer road races, my races still require high intensity efforts and recovery in an older athlete is even more important than it was 

when I was younger. 

I discovered IgY Max Performance nearly 15 years ago and I can say unequivocally that it has been the most important supplement I have ever used as an athlete!

First and foremost, I used to get sick several times during a season of racing that lasts over 8 months. Over the past 15 years, i have never been sick since I started using the IgY. The way it maintains the health of my immune system is remarkable. However, not only does it keep me healthy, but it allows me an uncanny ability to recover faster than my peers during training and racing. This gives an unfair advantage over my competition in my age group. This past summer at the Masters National Track championships, I competed in 4 events and won gold in all 4 events! I give lots of credit to my IgY. 

Another significant advantage of the IgY is that is seems to keep my energy up during a race. It’s as if my head is more “in the game” and I am more focused upon what is happening around me. It’s almost as if I have a better sense of what my fellow competitors are capable of and I can respond more quickly to attacks and counter-attacks during a race. And finally, at the end of the race, I am not as fatigued as my competition allowing me to uncork a sprint that usually wins the race.

What more can an athlete ask for than excellent health, fast recovery, greater strength and a 

focused mental attitude. It’s definitely my secret weapon in bike racing.


Dr. Winkel is a medical research scientist trained in neurobiology, 
developmental biology and immunology.  He received his Ph.D. from 
the University of California San Francisco Medical School and researches 
complementary approaches to traditional medicine based upon current scientific research. 


Glen is also a level II coach with USA Cycling and coaches para-cycling athletes at the

US Olympic Training Center. For information on the Atrial Fibrillation Website

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Recovery on the Court 

The athletes I work with are under constant physical stress and their joints, muscles, tendons, and bones take a serious beating. We run hard and play hard. Since my athletes began taking Immune26 our injury rates are down and our recovery rates are up. Tell your friends about it but please keep it from my competition! 

Sheri W. 
Pro Basketball Consultant 

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