i26 is Patented, Proven, Effective

i26 is not science fiction — it is science in action. i26 Hyperimmune Egg was created by a group of highly qualified immunologists and life sciences researchers as a joint venture between two Fortune 200 companies.

Scientific Validation

i26 is the subject of over 100 worldwide patents granted and submitted. Unlike most nutritional products that are not eligible for patents, i26 has been granted patents for its uniqueness as an ingredient, the way that it is produced, as well as how it can be used to help the body keep itself healthy.

Several of these patents point toward how i26 works to partner with the immune system to create balanced immune responses:
  • United States Patent 6,420,337 Highly Purified Cytokine Activating Factor and Method of Use — Cytokine Activating Factor helps our immune system understand when to turn on.
  • United States Patent 7,083,809 Purified Cytokine Inhibitory Factor — Cytokine Inhibitory Factor helps our immune system determine when to turn off or slow down the inflammatory immune response.
  • US 2004/005327 App. Immune T Cell Stimulation — Supports claims that hyperimmune egg delivers immune factors that influence immune homeostasis (balance).
  • United States Patent 6,706,267 Glucosamine and Egg for Reducing Inflammation states that hyperimmune egg helps the body support joint health, (an effect that is enhanced when i26 is coupled with Flex, a pharmaceutical grade glucosamine)
  • United States Patent 6,803,035 Anti-diarrheal and Method for Using the Same and United States Patent # 5,772,999 Method of Preventing, Countering or Reducing NSAID-Induced Gastrointestinal Damage by Administering Milk or Egg Products from Hyperimmunized Animals states that hyperimmune egg helps support digestive function.
Note: Many products claim they are patent-protected, but when the actual facts are examined, they have patents only on the manufacturing process, not what the product can do for your health. i26 Hyperimmune Egg is a natural supplement that holds patents for the actual ingredient, not just the technology.

i26 Hyperimmune Egg is used by physicians and medical professionals across the globe.

Many medical professionals use i26 Hyperimmune Egg as an all natural way of helping support proper immune function. To prove its legitimacy as a tool for physicians it was accepted and has a listing in the Physicians Desk Reference. The "PDR" as its known, is the leading reference on medications and drug interactions. Although i26 Hyperimmune Egg is not a medication but a novel dietary ingredient, its listing within this book points to its relevance within the medical world as a valid tool to support immune function.

See the PDR listing by clicking here.

i26 is also listed on WebMD and Drugs.com

i26 has been proven safe for consumption for people of all ages. [As with any products derived from eggs, anyone with a life-threatening allergy to eggs should consult with their health practitioner before consuming i26 Hyperimmune Egg or any other egg products.]

After extensive Research and Development, efficacy and safety findings on i26 Hyperimmune Egg were presented to the Food and Drug Administration. Although the FDA does not have the legal authority to approve dietary supplements, i26 was awarded a Food Master File and has sa-GRAS (self affirmed Generally Recognized as Safe) designation with the FDA.

More on sa-GRAS designation
Generally recognized as safe (GRAS) is United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) designation that a substance is considered safe by experts, and so is exempted from the usual Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) food additive tolerance requirements.

GRAS exemptions are granted for ingredients that are generally recognized, among experts qualified by scientific training and experience as having been adequately shown through scientific procedures to be safe under the conditions of their intended use. The decision of the convened panel is based on published and unpublished studies, toxicology studies, and other data.

When a use of a ingredient does not qualify for the GRAS exemption, the ingredient is subject to the pre-market approval mandated by the FFDCA. In such circumstances, the FDA can take enforcement action to stop distribution of the food substance and foods containing it, on the grounds that such foods are, or contain an unlawful food additive.

The "sa" in sa-GRAS
Self-affirmed. The manufacturer of this ingredient has performed all necessary research, including the formation of an expert panel to review safety concerns, and is prepared to use these findings to request that the ingredient be given an sa-GRAS status.

It is important to note that most nutritional products do not hold sa-GRAS or GRAS designation with the FDA but that the sa-GRAS designation does not constitute a FDA approval. By Federal regulations, i26 states, as must all other supplements, that it is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

Supported by Clinical and Pre-Clinical Trials

The 50 Million Dollar Egg
Developing i26, proving its efficacy, safety and benefits was no small proposition. i26 Hyperimmune Egg was developed in the same manner that most pharmacetical products are created. More than $50,000,000 in research, development, pre-clinical and clinical trials, and patent costs were incurred.

Also, there are over 100 patents and patent applications valued at over $35,000,000 protecting this technology. How many dietary supplements, or even pharmaceuticals, have even a fraction of these many patent instruments?

The claim that i26 supports the immune system by providing it with the "fuel" needed to function properly is supported by pre-clinical and clinical trials conducted on three continents.

These pre-clinical and clinical trials have taken place at some of America's premiere institutions:
  • Harvard/Beth Israel Deaconness, Boston, MA
  • The Hospital for Special Surgery in NY, NY
  • The United States Military, Natick, MA
  • The University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS
The results of many of these studies have been published in leading scientific journals.

Claims that are based on the i26 Hyperimmune Egg testing are:
  • Balances and supports the immune system
  • Helps the body:
    • maintain cardiovascular function and a healthy circulatory system
    • maintain digestive tract health
    • modulate auto-immune responses
    • maintain healthy and flexible joints
    • support energy levels
    • shorten exercise recovery times
    • increase muscular strength, endurance, and stamina
    • decrease heart rate during exertion
    • reduce 2nd day soreness
    • increase anaerobic peak power
Your immune system is involved in the health of every part of the body. When the immune system is functioning at an optimal level great health benefits are realized. Research is the basis for i26 and studies on specific benefits continue today.


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