What is i26?

i26 is an all-natural egg powder made from special hyperimmune eggs that deliver antibodies and complex bioactive immune factors to help your body balance its immune inflammatory responses.

I already take vitamins. Why do I need i26?

Vitamins are important for nutritional support and indirectly help the immune system. i26 Hyperimmune Egg is in a category all its own. It partners directly with the body by providing antibodies and other immune factors not found in any vitamin, mineral, or herb.

Does i26 "boost" the immune system?

No. i26 does not artificially "boost" the immune system. It helps the immune system heal and balance itself to achieve optimal performance.

What scientific detail is available for health practitioners?

The Web site HyperimmuneEgg.org provides scientific information on the hyperimmune egg ingredient. Details appear in the Physicians' Desk Reference, while other information is available as publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Are there other products that balance the immune system like i26?

The short answer is a resounding "NO". There may be some products that claim to "boost" the immune system. These so-called "immune products" come from chemical extracts of white blood cells that tend to artificially "force" the body into a "boosted", inappropriate state.

This is certainly not a good option for anyone with an over active immune system that already suffers from too much inflammation, for example those with arthritis, diabetes, lupus, Crohn's bowel disease, etc.

i26 is pure egg powder and helps the body to heal itself by letting it return to it own natural balance. Also, an important point is that all the published research on i26 Hyperimmune Egg was conducted with the same exact ingredient that you and I consume each day, not some other company's laboratory product.

How does i26 compare to fruit juices or extracts from fruits and vegetables?

A wide variety of colorful phytonutrient-rich fruits and vegetables are important for our health. Whole fruits and vegetables are the best way to get these phytonutrients (and their accompanying fiber). Nutrients of all kinds, especially phytonutrients, indirectly affect immune health.

Most fruit juices and perhaps some extracts provide some amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants are important as the immune systems' "clean up crew". Their job is to clear out the dead cells and tissue left after the work of the immune response is done. This is an example of indirect (not direct as is the case with i26) support to the immune system.

How many servings of i26 are best?

The majority of individuals report that at one, but typically two servings a day of i26 Hyperimmune Egg, they experience major quality of life changes; and they use more as desired when the body is having problems balancing.

Since we are all affected differently by external and internal stressors, the exact number of servings for each individual may vary. Try two servings a day and see what works best for you. Listen to your body in terms of energy and well-being.

How do I know which form of i26 I should consume?

One serving of i26 (4.5 grams) is found in the following products:

One scoop of pure i26 Powder
Three i26 Chewables
Nine i26 Capsules
One i26 FIT shake (two scoops of i26 FIT)

What is the best way to make i26 part of my daily diet?

Before beginning i26, it is suggested that you temporarily refrain from other supplements and herbs (except for those containing only vitamins). Then, begin by consuming 1/4 of a serving every day 3-4 days. Increase to 1/2 of a serving every day for 3-4 days, then a whole serving for 3-4 days. Finally, add a second scoop of i26 and see how you are feeling.

How do hyperimmune eggs differ from regular supermarket eggs?

The hyperimmune eggs that are used to obtain pure i26 Hyperimmune Egg come from specially selected hens. These eggs contain antibodies, but they have many-fold the concentration of bioactive immune factors found in regular supermarket eggs.

Can't I just eat regular eggs and get the same benefits found in i26?

Supermarket eggs are from hens that have only been exposed to other hens, not to organisms of human interest.

Is i26 approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)?

Only prescription medications can be FDA approved. Dietary supplements like vitamins and i26 are not within their approval jurisdiction. However i26 holds sa-GRAS designation and a Master Food File with the FDA. These designations are difficult to attain and few supplements have been able to qualify for sa-GRAS status (place link into sa-GRAS designation) or a Master Food File.

FDA oversight responsibility for dietary supplements.
Dietary supplements are under the "umbrella" of foods. FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) is responsible for the agency's oversight of dietary supplements. The FDA tries to monitor the marketplace for potential illegal products (that is, products that may be unsafe, or make false or misleading claims). These efforts include inspections of dietary supplement manufacturers and distributors, the Internet, consumer and trade complaints, occasional laboratory analyses of selected products, and reported adverse events associated with the use of supplements.

Should I stop my prescription drugs when starting i26?

Absolutely not. Never change or stop your prescribed medications without first consulting your prescribing physician. Medications do not interfere with i26 or vice versa, so you can introduce i26 gradually, while still taking your medications. Your doctor can consult their PDR for detailed information on i26. The only known adverse reactions occur in individuals that suffer from severe egg allergies.

Does i26 contain any sugar, dairy products, or gluten?

i26 is a whole food product and has the exact nutritional make up of a traditional table egg. There is no sugar, whey, gluten, sugar or other food ingredients in i26.

How soon after consuming i26 will I start to "feel something"?

Typically, within 3-9 days of consuming at two servings per day of i26 Hyperimmune Egg individuals report experiencing changes in their energy levels and feeling of well-being. Each individual is different and depending on conditions resulting from an over active or under active immune system changes are felt at different intervals.

How many servings of i26 are too many?

Because i26 has the same nutritional value as a regular table egg no adverse effects will result from large-scale consumption. It was proven through a double blind, placebo-controlled study that i26 Hyperimmune Egg actually helps the body maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Some individuals who were dealing with major immune system issues have consumed as much as 30 servings a day with positive results.

How do I know if I'm taking enough servings of i26?

Typically, people feel best when they consume two servings per day. Listen to your body. Your energy levels are a window into our body. As you start to balance, your energy will increase.

When should I increase the number of i26 servings I consume?

During times of increased internal or external stress, when you feel "under the weather" or not your regular self, your immune system is working even harder. You may wish to increase the number of servings you are consuming to help return to immune homeostasis or balance.

How much i26 should I give my child?

If using pure i26 powder, start with 1/8 of a serving for several days, then 1/4. If you desire more, then gradually increase to 1/2 of a serving, 3/4 of a serving and finally a full scoop. See how your child focuses their energy to decide what amount is appropriate.

Can pregnant or nursing women consume i26?

Yes. If you can eat eggs, then you can consume i26. Many women have used i26 before, during and after their pregnancy and their babies are doing great! Of course, as with any diet changes during pregnancy, you should first consult your health professional.

Is there a loading period with i26?

Yes, but it may be different for each person. It is recommended that you consume i26 for a minimum of 30 continuous days to experience its full effects.

Will i26 increase my cholesterol levels?

The science supports the fact that for most of the population, the contribution of dietary cholesterol (what you eat) to your cholesterol levels in the blood is minimal. One would need to consume 15 servings of i26 to get the amount of cholesterol in a single supermarket egg. (Additionally, a double-blind placebo-controlled study, partially funded by the U.S. Army, Nutrition Division, reported that cholesterol levels were not raised in subjects on i26; in fact, cardiovascular health was supported.**)

What supplements can I take along with i26?

It is recommended that you start with a "clean slate." It is best not to take products like herbs, animal, or plant extracts when you are starting i26. You may incorporate them later, one at a time, when you know how much i26 makes you feel best.

Do people consuming i26 for long periods of time become tolerant or dependent?

No, you will not become tolerant or dependent. People have taken i26 Hyperimmune Egg for over 10 years and are still using the same number of servings as when they started. When you consume i26, you simply provide the body with a buffet of compounds that help support balanced immune function. These immune elements remain in the body for about 3 days.

I have diabetes. Can I still take i26 COMPLETE SUPPORT?

i26COMPLETE SUPPORT has only 8 grams of sugar per scoop, much less than a typical bowl of cereal. Many people with diabetes find that consuming i26 helps their quality of life. Just start gradually and monitor your glucose levels to make sure you are not re-balancing too rapidly.

I have a medical condition. How will i26 affect me?

i26 does not cure, treat or prevent disease. However, an optimized immune system will make a difference in your quality of life. Start gradually, consuming one scoop of i26 (4.5g) each day. Slowly increase to 3, then 4 scoops per day (more as desired) and see how you feel.

Can a transplant patient take i26?

i26 is pure egg; if you can eat eggs, then you can consume i26. i26 does not "boost" immune function, but instead helps the body to optimize it. As a transplant patient, though, it is essential that you check with your doctor before adding any supplements to your diet.

Can I take enzymes while taking i26?

Taking enzymes while consuming i26 may destroy some of the larger immune components and proteins found in this ingredient. However, you can take enzymes 4-6 hours after your i26. For example, use i26 during the morning hours and if you think the enzymes are still necessary after balancing your digestive tract with i26, use enzymes at your evening meal.

I have a medical question. Can someone at Legacy for Life answer it for me?

Legacy for Life is a dietary supplement company, not a pharmaceutical company. For medical questions please consult with your health practitioner.

**Cholesterol: The United States Military tested the equivalent of i26COMPLETE SUPPORT in the gold standard of all clinical trials, a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. None of the subjects, nor the doctors, knew who they were taking the product with i26, or one without i26. The results of the study showed no increase in cholesterol levels. Instead, it showed their cardiovascular systems were supported. The scientific paper on this study can be found at www.HyperimmuneEgg.org In formal clinical trials, no physician has ever reported increased cholesterol levels in subjects using i26.


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